Mitchel Field Return

Mitchel Field Return Visit ~ Long Island, New York

The Squadron left in full strength of 16 aircraft (TL-O Oboe having finally arrived from Long Beach in time for the last leg of departure) and arrived at Mitchel Field at 15.37 on the 18th August having finally flown in formation over Worcester, Boston and Providence en route.  On arrival back at Mitchel Field, there were final opportunities for sightseeing and shopping, but from the 20th the Ground Crews were hard at work carrying out a full service to radar gear and general preparation for the return home.


GuyGarrod.jpgAir Chief Marshal Sir Alfred Guy Roland Garrod GBE KCB MC DFC then Permanent RAF Representative on the Military Staff Committee of the United Nations personally wrote on 15th August from the UN to congratulate Wing Commander Craig on the success of the Tour on anticipation of his return flight to Mitchel Field.  He had witnessed directly their precision formation flying and the high standards of discipline displayed at Long Beach Air Base, California.

IWM Film REEL 2: Aircrew arriving at aircraft (TW-878) and taxi out. VIP visitors looking around Lancaster with 6th Ferrying Group (?) sign on background building. Female celebrity (Dorothy Lamour ?) signing Lancaster SW313 TL-B and posing in front of B-29 “City of Spokane”. RAF officers on a sightseeing trip, scenes at a barbecue. Lancasters in Formation air to air over Baltimore ( Baltimore Brick Co. sign on factory roof). Flying over US Capitol Buildings, Washington, crews on parade in front of aircraft. View of Senate House & White House, back to aircrew & ground crews being inspected by RAF/ USAAF officers & VIPs.  Picnic scene with crew eating and posing for photographs.  Avro York being serviced with C-47 and Lancs on the apron. B-25 taxiing. Visitors (US officers and spouses) strolling around Aircraft on display.  Engine service on Lancaster.  Interior shots of (Officers?) Club. Shots of City skyline and elevated view over Central Park and surrounding streets.

The aircraft departed Mitchell Field on the 22nd for Gander where there was further maintenance work carried out.


No 35 flies home
RAF mission to US ends

The famous No 35 Squadron – 16 RAF Lancasters + 1 Avro York – which has travelled 15,000 miles on a 6 week Goodwill Tour of America, was taking off from New York, where the tour started on July 17 for its return home this afternoon. The bombers are due at St Mawgan, Cornwall on Monday. Reuter.

Returning to Mitchel Field, Long Island  NY on 18th August and Gander on 22nd August with A-Flight leaving Gander for Lagens on 24th August and arriving St Mawgans on 25th August. On 29th August St Mawgans to Graveley Via Plymouth, Torquay and London (Fly-Pasts) with Fl/Lt Hardy. (Dates from Craig’s Log Book)