Walter F Pretyman

Sir Walter F Pretyman ~ PA to ACM Arthur Harris?

‘Bomber’ Harris who commissioned no less than 3 No.156 Sqdn Lancaster’s NX687 GT-A, NX688 GT-B and NX689 GT-C allegedly to also ‘escort’ his former Principle Staff Officer (Sir Walter F Pretyman, Priterman?) deemed to be a Sugar Millionaire in Sao Paolo, back to his home in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil arriving on 28th July 1945. Why 3 aircraft and Crews and only 1 VIP and his PA – what was in these bombers and why was it so important to award both men with these coveted medals.   Craig was Chief Pilot and he and the Bomber crews enjoyed 2 weeks of ‘hospitality’ in Brazil – This operation may have led to the Brazilian Medals being awarded by a grateful post-Vargas Interim President.  (Harris was also appointed a Knight Grand Cross of the National Order of the Southern Cross of Brazil on the same date that (Acting Wing Commander) Craig received his Officer class of the National Order of the Southern Cross of Brazil on 13 November 1945) and post-dated the Vargas‘ resignation on the  29th October 1945.

Sir Walter Frederic Pretyman, of Campos, Brazil (17 October 1901-1987), who emigrated to Brazil 1924, and was appointed KBE, 1972 Queens Birthday Honours
Diplomatic Service and Overseas List

  • Walter Frederick Pretyman. For services to Agriculture and Industry in Brazil.

S/Ldr, RAF –  M.D., of Campos, Brazil
Campos dos Goytacazes, municipality in Rio de Janeiro state and usually known as Campos – “The Capital of Oil and Sugar
Walter Frederick PRETYMAN. KBE London Gazette 1972 For services to Agriculture and Industry in Brazil.
Son of Rt Hon Ernest George Pretyman, PC, MP and Beatrice Adine Pretyman.  Husband of Margaret Pretyman and Vera Pretyman Brother of George Marcus Tomline Pretyman; Ida Beatrice Pretyman; Marjorie Elizabeth Wyndham-Quin; Herbert Ernest Pretyman and Katharine Louise Pretyman.

Old West Downs Society — ex-Pupils – Sir Walter Pretyman, K.B.E., 1911 (Aged 10 yrs)
West Downs School, Romsey Road, Winchester, Hampshire, was an English independent Preparatory School, which was established in 1897 and closed in 1988.  West Downs was a rigorous and enlightened place which prepared its pupils admirably for a variety of schools (including Winchester and Eton) and also for life in general. It lasted 91 years and had about 3 headmasters.

Mr Walter Pretyman wrote an excellent account of the game of polo in Brazil –  the game played began in Sao Paulo in 1924 and included Herbert & Walter Pretyman

His 2nd wife Vera de Sa Sottomaior was former wife of Randal Plunket, 19th Lord Dunsany and mother of the 20th Lord Dunsany. Sir Walter Pretyman was twice married and had issue by both marriages.  Vera de Sa Sottomaior Daughter of Genesio de Sa Sottomajor, Wife of Walter Frederic Pretyman.  The ex-wife of Ivar Bryce and Randal Arthur Henry Plunkett, Lt.-Col. 19th Baron of Dunsany.  Mother of Edward John Carlos Plunkett, 20th Baron of Dunsany. When she divorced Lord Dunsany’s father she subsequently married Sir Walter Pretyman by whom she had children, 2 boys, who became Lord Dunsany’s half brothers.

Sugar Barons
The Brazilian sugar cane model produces sugar with the taste of blood. This sugar cane, transformed into ethanol, rusts the tanks. It is sugar produced from the humiliation of the sugar cane cutters, obliged to work in conditions analogous to slave labour. It is sugar produced at the cost of the devastation of biodiversity.  To say the energy produced by this model is ‘clean’, ‘sustainable’ is an attack on Nature and a crime against those expelled from the land to make way for this green desert. Right now, those involved in selling Brazil’s ethanol production to the world are on a road-show, travelling the world. They are academics who have never set foot in sugar cane fields beyond the reach of the tarmac. They are academics being paid well for their services, paid to talk about the shining-bright, glowing-light of the white, crystallised sugar and the other product, ethanol. These academics have never seen the sugar cane invading the forest, burning the mangroves, destroying the fauna, poisoning the rivers. They are paid well to circulate the myths and mendacity of the sugar cane production model. The real bill, however, is footed by those who suffer from sugar cane expansion. It is not just Mother Nature that suffers. The sons and daughters of former slaves suffer: the sugar cane cutters, exploited at work in the plantations in the same year the 200th anniversary of ‘the end of slavery’ is celebrated.  The emancipated slaves suffer, those with small-holdings and homesteads who are expelled from their land for sugar cane production to the urban peripheries and favelas (shanty towns). There they languish often among great violence. The people are humiliated, as one young woman said: “we were in heaven and they evicted us to hell.”

Sugar has never enriched anyone but slave traders, local landlords, industrial farmers, sugar barons, speculators, food corporations, PR consultants and professional politicians. No person has ever traded their way out of poverty with sugar, and there’s no reason to suppose that they ever will.

In his private papers Craig had a signed Programme for a Charles Trenet appearance at the  Copacabana Hotel in Rio dated 12th December 1946 and on the back cover is noted Walter Priterman(?), Sugar Millionaire from Rio, Bomber Harris, 3 Lancasters > Rio Led to ……. Walter Prilterman(?), Sugar Millionaire some 12 months after his return and could have then been en route to Argentina as Assistant Air Attache.

Sir Walter Frederick Walter Pretyman, Oct. 17, 1901-Dec. 4, 1989, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(Gamboa Cemetery) his remains were removed to Campos on 5th August 2003.  His Gravestone lists him as a Squadron Leader of the RAF
RAF Archive –
W F Prettyman 2nd Sept.42 13th 0ct.43 §
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